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Musical Bridges

Comments from Fans 

 Just heard it on Spotify, sounds amazing! Congratulations to you, Paul and the whole team, the talent shows! I love how it blends an older smooth jazz feel with some really bold and interesting arranging and mixing elements that make it modern. ‪Cosme L.
if you enjoy Jazz - this CD is a "must have". got my CD copy just yesterday; and, if 'Musical Bridges' were an LP, I would have already worn the grooves off the vinyl. played it that many times and am ready to listen to some more. CONGRATULATIONS to Paul, Gary and the musicians who added their prowess to this wonderful work. Jack T. B.
Woo hoo!!! What a fabulous beginning to my day ... got my copy of Paul Messina's new CD "Musical Bridges." If you have exquisite taste in contemporary jazz and jazz fusion, this collection is for you. Will post links for purchase info in a few minutes. This guy is "da man" on sax and flute and has given me the encouragement I so desperately needed to pursue my flute dreams. Thank you, Paul! Jo Ann H.

Brecker, Sanborn and all those cats come to mind when listening. Cheers. Brev Sullivan

Musical Bridges 

Paul Messina's new album Musical Bridges was released on October 18, 2014
Musical Bridges can be purchased at: 


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Gerg Anidem will be interviewing Paul Messina and his band along with his Award winning Producer Gary Vandy. Gerg will be featuring Paul last two albums, Musical Bridges" and "Gratitude" during the show.