Paul Messina's Bio

Paul Messina 

Multi Instrumentalist (Flutes, Saxophones, Keyboards, Synth Sequencing), Composer, Arranger and Producer 

Paul Messina is a multi award winning musician/composer who has experienced the full spectrum of the musical realm, from playing with a variety of bands and working with a wide range of musicians, in both the recording and producing capacity, to composing and arranging music, as well as playing an assortment of instruments. Paul’s quest for musical knowledge has lead him to study under the tutelage of some jazz greats in addition to his worldly experience. He is presently the lead arranger for producer GVAPMusic (Gary M. Vandy), and the bandleader for the Contemporary Jazz group “Flashpoint” and the “Paul Messina Band”. 

After nearly 40 years as a Flautist, Paul began playing the saxophone as his main instrument in 2005. His has released nine studio albums (8 in the past 9 years including two collaboration albums with Bassist Mark R. Harris (The Bigger Picture – 2019 and Return to Sanity – 2021), two albums with his jazz group Flashpoint (Cool Heat - 2001 and Backstreet – 2020). and five solo albums (Musical Bridges - 2014, Gratitude – 2018, Nightwalk – 2020, Blue Fire – 2021, and Althea - Gary M. Vandy co-produced and mixed all the albums.

Early Years & Education 

Paul was born on the U.S. Marine airbase in Cherrypoint, North Carolina. When he was 2 years old, his family moved to Miami, Florida, which is still his home to this day. His start in music began when he was 12 years old. His sister was playing the flute in Junior High school, and when he showed an interest in learning, she taught him the basics. He also ended up playing in the Junior High band, and in Senior High School, he played in both the Marching Band and Concert Band. He later formed a rock band while serving in the Navy. 

To build upon these early experiences, Paul majored in Music at Miami-Dade College from 1974-1979 and again from 1991- 1994, where he studied flute with Althea Kaplan. He also studied Jazz Theory and Arranging, Improvisation, and Electronic Music with Dr. Mike Di Liddo. He attended the Jaime Aebersold Jazz Camp at the University of Louisville, where he studied Theory with David Baker, Jazz Flute with Lida Baker, and Jazz Combo with Hal Galper. To quench his never-ending thirst for learning, Paul has been known to attend seminars with some stellar musicians, such as Ed Calle and Roberto Perera. 

Musical Accomplishments 

Within the first months release of "The Bigger Picture", it has won the Global Music Award Silver medal for Jazz Album. Paul Also received the Global Music Award Bronze medal for his single "Going Back to Where I've Never Been" featured on his Gratitude album (released in January 2018). 

Various Bands and Recordings as studio musician

Not only has Paul played with a variety of bands, he has also appeared on a slew of albums. Some of the bands he has played with are Wormwood, Tiger-Tiger, August Campbell, Relative Viewpoint, Fully Involved,  Franklin’s Wheel, The Baboons, and Hi Tide, just to name a few. He has also appeared on a long list of albums, some of which include Ed Hale, Jan Leslie, Tiger-Tiger’s “Eye of the Tiger” (which was part of South Florida Rock and Roll Legends featured at the Historical Museum of Southern Florida), Relative Viewpoint, Rick Lamas, Valerie C. Wisecracker, Hi Tide, Mark R. Harris, Clyde Butcher, Peter Olach, Nils Rurack, Nigel Barrett, Franklin’s Wheel, Ryan Dreyer, Flashpoint (Cool Heat & Backstreet), Kento Masuda,  and many more.  Paul has also co-produced and recorded with Richard Lee (Grover Washington Jr.’s guitarist).  

Of course, you can’t play and record with this many artists without garnering a long list of venues, festivals and recording studios. Some of Paul’s favorite locations to play and record include: 

Venues & Festivals  

Harbor Festival (NYC) 
Miami Metro Zoo 
Merrick Festival 
Hollywood's Hispanic Fest 
River Cities Festival 
Taste of the Springs 
Springs River Regatta 
SunTrust Hollywood Street Beat 
SunTrust Hollywood ArtWalk 
Miramar/Pembroke Pines Fall Fest 
Hollywood's Tropical Nights Festival 
Fiesta Tropical Mardi Gras in South Florida 
Shops at Sunset Place 
Garlic Festival (Delray Beach) 
P.A.C.E. Concerts 
Hollywood's Love Fest 
Homestead's Friday Fest 
SunFest in West Palm Beach 
Cayman Jazz Festival 

Favorite Recording Studios 

The Cutting Edge 
Studio Center Miami 


Pauls newest album "Blue Fire' has received numerous awards including LIT's award for "Best Album 2022"!!

Paul’s  instruments include: W.S. Haynes Flute, Armstrong Bass Flute, Armstrong Alto Flute, Gemeinhardt Piccolo, Selmer Mark VI Soprano Sax, Selmer Paris Reference 54 Alto Sax and the Selmer Paris Reference 54 Tenor Sax. Paul also uses Vigilante mouthpieces for Tenor Sax.

Paul uses Peluso Microphones in all his recordings.

Some of Paul’s early musical influences are Jethro Tull, Herbie Mann, Dave Valentine, Hubert Laws, Jean Pierre Rampal, J.S. Bach, Grover Washington Jr., Davis Sanborn, Gerald Albright, Kenny Garrett, Michael Brecker, Sonny Rollins, John Coltrane, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, and James Moody.  

Whether he is playing at a local club, recording in the studio or continuing to expand his musical knowledge, Paul is never far from his sax and a good jazz tune.