Comments from Fans 

 Just heard it on Spotify, sounds amazing! Congratulations to you, Paul and the whole team, the talent shows! I love how it blends an older smooth jazz feel with some really bold and interesting arranging and mixing elements that make it modern. ‪Cosme L.
if you enjoy Jazz - this CD is a "must have". got my CD copy just yesterday; and, if 'Musical Bridges' were an LP, I would have already worn the grooves off the vinyl. played it that many times and am ready to listen to some more. CONGRATULATIONS to Paul, Gary and the musicians who added their prowess to this wonderful work. Jack T. B.
Woo hoo!!! What a fabulous beginning to my day ... got my copy of Paul Messina's new CD "Musical Bridges." If you have exquisite taste in contemporary jazz and jazz fusion, this collection is for you. Will post links for purchase info in a few minutes. This guy is "da man" on sax and flute and has given me the encouragement I so desperately needed to pursue my flute dreams. Thank you, Paul! Jo Ann H.


So I gotta tell you this story. I was at a stop sign, and I had stopped, and no one else was there, and then I realized that I had been sitting there for a while, just straight up hypnotized by the music, and then I had to know the name of the song that had just cast a spell on me, and then I looked and started cracking up. Because it was "Enchantment"!!! It's as if you knew! The album is magnificent, man. So many little zones of sound, sometimes calming and hypnotic and sometimes on some prog funk weirdness! Funkifyno was hella funky, but I think Cygnus mighta even beat it out in the funk wars! I was driving while I listened, so I didn't get all the names, but I just passed through surreal worlds in a Frodo like journey, through weird wonder and depth. Really soild project, man. Consider this joint considered! What category is it in? Yo, and....maybe put a sticker on it about not operating heavy machinery while listening..... 

“23 Skidoo” Grammy Award Winning composer/artist

Brecker, Sanborn and all those cats come to mind when listening. Cheers. Brev Sullivan


Comments on our new album “Althea”: 

Mitch Mestel

I got a chance to really listen to Althea. Wow! You crushed it my friend! And in it, I heard stuff that reminded me of experimental composition class and I heard stuff that reminded me of Chuck Mangione in parts . Not to mention the composition, arrangements and playing, were all exceptional. My fiancé was also listening, at one point she asked who is that, I told her it was you, and she freaked out in the best of ways.


Larry LJ Slavin

Absolutely loved it! I think it’s your best work ever. The first time I listened to it, I was really impressed. The second time I listened through, I was blown away. I really dig the east Indian influences. I’ve been to India twice. 

Your chops are unbelievable, you’re playing is stellar. And you’ve gathered around you a great bunch of musicians. Just wondering, I can hear a cimbalom or, as I know it, a hammer dulcimer on a few of the tracks as well as the drone of a Tambura but I don’t see any credits. Is that stuff synthesized? I really dig the grooves that you get, and the solos throughout are virtuosic and amazing. I dig the fiddle on the last track too! The mix and the nuances are  top notch. And the Althea track is epic. Kind of like the Messina thick as a brick… really great work, buddy. Love it love it love it! I hope you achieve the success you deserve.



Peter G Olach

Absolutely brilliant compositions, musicianship, individual and collective performances, audio mixing and mastering – I Repeat: Absolutely Brilliant! Possibly Paul Messina's best CD release to date! Find out for yourself. You Won't Regret It!



Bradley M. Stone

Extraordinary new release!!


Ricky Kej



Madi Das

It’s magnificent


Wouter Kellerman

Stunning album Paul!


Mike Bogle

Love this!!!! A masterpiece.