Welcome to the official web page for Paul Messina (Composer, Arranger, Multi Instrumentalist). 

Paul Messina is a multi award winning musician/composer who has experienced the full spectrum of the musical realm, from playing with a variety of bands and working with a wide range of musicians, in both the recording and producing capacity, to composing and arranging music, as well as playing an assortment of instruments. Paul’s quest for musical knowledge has lead him to study under the tutelage of some jazz greats in addition to his worldly experience. He is presently the lead arranger for producer GVAPMusic (Gary M. Vandy), and the bandleader for the Contemporary Jazz group “Flashpoint” and the “Paul Messina Band”.

Our new album “Althea” is dedicated to the memory of the late Prof. Althea Speelman Kaplan (1936-1997). 

Althea was my private flute teacher as well as Music Theory, Contemporary Composition, Physics of Sound, and Electronic Music professor at MDCC

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